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BushBall May 2011

Last post 04-05-2012, 8:21 PM by ginawaibl. 0 replies.
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  •  04-05-2012, 8:21 PM 6315

    BushBall May 2011

    Bushball (May 2011)


    I have a story to tell. Once upon a time there was a prince who married a beautiful and suitably royal princess. Well... she was regal if not royal – this was one commoner that got her prince! To celebrate their wedding all the people in the land decided to have a ball. But this was no ordinary ball. In keeping with a long and cherished tradition the ball was held far away from the grandeur and splendour of the castle, and instead it was held in the forest, so that all the people who feel at home in the bush could attend and celebrate the royal wedding in true uninhibited style.


    On the day, an early crew spent the afternoon creating Westminster Abbey for us, so that we could all indulge in some royal behaviour for the night following on from William and Catherine’s efforts when they married in April. Special mention goes to Jukka and Isabella who started the previous night and still turned up to help out. They may have missed the early ride, but somehow they still got to the road end in time, with Jukka asking “it’s not far is it?” as he leant against a wall for balance.


    The rest of us hauled up at Kaitoke in the afternoon and wandered in in dribs and drabs, carrying the rest of the gear. Most creative was Tensin with speakers connected by a rope draped across his shoulders.


    At Smiths Creek we arrived to find an expanding tent village, and a pimped out shelter complete with tarp awnings, fairy lights, and other royal decorations. Those with some sense and a desire to see out the night started off by cooking a civilised dinner before getting into costume.


    Others started early, and some were a little too eager and failed to pace themselves, with one poor soul lying face down asleep in the grass before it was even dark.


    We had trampers, jeans, ball dresses, pink shoes, lots of sparkles, a horse dress, a jester, a lovely bride in the form of the towering hulk of Rees Ward, and another tall fellow in the shape of Ewan Lidell as BeafEater. Of course one can’t forget the Master of Ceremonies himself, social convenor, Craig Scott in top hat and tails, and of course, true to his historic attire choices, deputy chief guide Manoel Matos wearing (only?) an apron.


    There was much dancing and merriment. Kieran and Keryn were reacquainted - wouldn’t that be an entertaining match ;-). There were some small accidents – who put Jeremy’s Canterbury Cream in the pineapple punch? Not a good mix!! Jack danced up a storm utilising half the dance floor (not that I minded).


    There was dancing till the wee small hours, with Ayla and Eleanor seeing out the night, and Craig not wanting to miss a thing (or maybe he was waiting for his tent to be vacated).


    The next day, everyone pitched in and transformed Smiths Creek shelter surprisingly quickly. Removing the layers of grime that had splashed up onto my shoes and dress the night before.


    Jack manfully insisted on carrying out the generator after having done such a splendid job carrying it in the day before.


    We ended with a late fascinator and a tarp with no legs - the Princess and her Prince?





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