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  • Cult (Oops I mean Club!) Update!

    We've been having a blast since our last update!

    Easter Weekend We had several trips over Easter:

    -->Southern Crossing A large group of us had a social trip traipsing the 35 km, we had very victorious faces at the end! 

    --> Kahurangi National Park in the South Island- a carload headed down and spent afew days adventuring Mt Owen.

    --> More Tararuas-  Our Chief Guide Andrew attempted 'an epic' which was not so successful but they did manage the noteworthy success of squeezing seven people into a two person bivvy two nights in a row!

    --> Craig headed off CANYONING! If you missed the presentation on canyoning at the meeting last night, check out this video! It pretty much captures the essence of it!!!

    Bushcraft was a fantastic weekend! We learnt skills such as navigation, fly erecting (hehe), river crossings, knot tying, bush code of conduct, and safety and risk management. Kieran and Achim were even kind enough to demonstrate the pack-floating technique! 

    Kapakapanui last weekend 32 (!) headed up to Kapakapanui in the mist through the goblin forest (best enjoyed in misty conditions) and some induged in a cold beer at the top. Dom the keen one ran the track in 2hours 47 mins! Managed to knock 3 minutes off Achim's record.. Gosh Dom is a great guy.

    Three Kings- Achim took a group up to attempt to get up to Three Kings- unfortunately the weather packed it in but a great weekend adventuring was still had by all!

    Birthday party mash-up we had about 4 people celebrating their birthdays this last week incuding our President so we threw a huge party and had a super safe brazier fire and some mean times were had by all. The fire definitely wasn't tipped over at any point.

    Climbing! We have had to postpone Rockcraft II until next weekend due to the weather- but there's still plenty going on-  Indoor climbing Tuesdays at Vic Uni Gym, and Wednesdays discounted at Fergs Kayaks. Michael our climbing officer and Sacha our publicity officer are possibly heading away to Mangaoweka- an epic climbing area North of Wellington with an overhang meaning you can climb in the rain!

    This weekend we have four keen-as-bro groups heading up to the Ruahines despite the weather.. Bring it on!! POWERTHIRST!!


  • Rock Craft and Party

    If you are keen to come on rock craft this weekend get in touch with Michael 0277731396



    The first tramping club party is on at


    Awhina Complex


    Flat 24

    22 Sussex Street

    Mount Cook


  • This weekends events

    On this long weekend we have a climbing trip to kawakawa bay:


    And a tramping trip over the northern crossing:



  • Himalayan Trekking Photos at Tuesday Meeting

    Hey guys, I've got some photos from a couple of tramps (they call them treks over there) that I did in Nepal and India while I was away, so come along on Tuesday night, 7.30pm in the Student Union building if you're interested in seeing them! I think Anna-Marie who I traveled with is also keen to show a few pics from her time volunteering in a girls school in Rajasthan.

    Inspiration for some trips this summer? :)

    Cheers, Kieran

  • Taranaki, Mid-Waiohine, and a day trip 15-16 Sept

    Three trips to choose from this weekend: 

    - Therese and Laura are running a trip to Taranaki. Craig should be able to put you in touch with them:.

    - Mae will be running a day trip looking for snow in the Tararua's probably on Saturday (

    - Manoel is going in to Mid-Waiohine overnight leaving Wellington around 4pm on Saturday (

  • AIC II/Snow Caving at Ruapehu and Mukamuka Day Trip

    Pleny of action this weekend with an AIC follow up / snow caving trip to the Ruapehu Plateau and a day trip in the Mukamuka.

    The snow caving trip will be leaving Friday, returning Sunday. You will need some good gear for this one as the weather can change quickly on Ruapehu and it will be cold being above the snow line. Contact Michael or Manoel if you're keen (,

    The Mukamuka day trip is in the Rimutakas and will go from Catchpool over South Saddle, down the Mukamuka and out to the coast. It will be a long day with around 25km of walking, although a lot of it will be flat. There may be options to do part of the trip and return to Catchpool if enough people are keen to do that. Contact Gina ( if you're keen.


  • Guest Speaker this weeks meeting, snow caving and much more

    Hello all, we have a Richard Davies – President of FMC coming in as a guest speaker for our meeting on Tuesday. 

    Trips this weekend are:  Snow Caving and a day trip in the Sothern Tararuas (Hutt Hut). Come along to find out more

  • Come to the Meeting at Uni this Tuesday to Hear About Mid-Winter Christmas

    Meetings are back at uni, and to kick off the term we have Mid-Winter Christmas and an East Harbour day trip coming up.

    Mid-winter will leave on Saturday morning, coming back Sunday afternoon. It will be a moderately easy tramp with the key being a celebration of all things Xmas at the hut - complete with Santa Party!!!Big Smile  Sign up HERE

    Come along to the meeting to sign up and find out more!!! Student Union Building in rooms SU217 and SU218.

  • Meetings at the Welsh Dragon Bar During Uni Break

    Come along to the Welsh Dragon for a quiet drink (or no drink if you want to save $$) and to sign up for trips during uni break. Every Tuesday, from 7:30pm.

    The Welsh is on the median between Kent and Cambridge Terraces, just north of Courtney Place. If you walk in the door and turn right, we're the ones on the couches.

    Meetings will go back to the Student Union Building on 17th July, after term starts.

  • Lots of Good Keen Club Trips Coming Up - Tramping Queens Birthday, Mid-Winter, Alpine Instruction Course and More!!!

    There's a lot happening in the run up to the end of the trimester - and we're nearly half way through the year, so it's time to get out there doing stuff!!!

    Queens Birthday will be in the Ruahines with a range of trips for everyone - Medium-Easy to Medium-Fit. This is a great trip to do if you're thinking of coming on Mid-Winter, especially if you haven't done (m)any trips with the club before. Check out the details here

    Ever thought you might want to be a mountaineer or just want to go tramping in the snow, then AIC is for you! AIC is our Alpine Instruction Course running over the weekend of 29 June to 1 July. This is where we get to play in the snow and learn how to use crampons and ice axes and to learn a bit about avalanche risk. This is another good one if you are keen for a keen Mid-Winter. We will be staying at a lodge on Ruapehu so it will be a good social time as well.

    Mid-Winter is the big kahuna for all of you keen trampers - it is where we spend a week in the South Island putting into practice the skills you've learnt so far. There should be a range of groups so you don't need to be a super tramper to come along - just been keen to spend a week in the hills. It does help if you've come along on some trips before so we can get you into the right group and to make sure you will enjoy it. It will run from about 7 to 15 July and will be in Arthurs Pass. There will be some cost involved getting to the South Island etc, but with a bit of forward planning there may be a chance of getting some funding from FMC.

    Sign ups for AIC and Mid-Winter can be found here.

    There is also a Somes Island trip, Tararua tramping, and around Mt Taranaki trips planned for June. Keep an eye out for details on the forums.

     And you can have input to the Trimester 2 calendar here.


  • This weeks FUN!

    Welcome to another week of VUWTC fun.  The bushball is now over so we can all take a breath and get on with some real tramping and climbing.  On the menu for this weekend we have


    Kapiti island

    Places are very limited on this but if you want to see if you can get a spot get in touch with Ayla 0278484718


    Papatahi crossing

    This is a fun walk that goes over the Rimutakas.  Have a look at the forum for details



    There is a climbing day trip going on Sunday get in touch with Jack if you are keen for this or 0276566353


    Next week

    We will be having an alpine themed meeting and tell you more about Queens birthday weekend and other winter trips

  • Bushball Is Coming – Get Ready for the Biggest Event of the Year!!! May 19th

    Bushball is where we take the ball to the bush. We carry in a generator, sound system and lights, and get dressed up for a night of dancing, drinking and fun. It’s in the bush, it’s big, and almost anything goes. Last year we had trampers, ball dresses, pink shoes, jeans, lots of sparkles, a horse dress, a jester, top hat and tails, and a lovely bride.


    It will be at Smiths Creek shelter this year, a two to three hour walk from Kaitoke road end.

    Tickets are $10 – grab one at a club meeting. It’s BYO, with a few extras provided. And EVERYONE is welcome (members and non-members).


    Make your own way there, or meet at Hunter Car Park at 12pm and bring your car or cash for your driver (about $10).


    Get May 19th in your diary now – you don’t want to miss this one!!!


    Check out the poster:

    And some photos from last year:


    More details, including a theme, to come.

  • Gourmet 5th - 6th May


    This weekend we will be heading to Tutuwai Hut for Gourmet. What is Gourmet? It's when we leave behind the plain, boring tramping food and get a little bit fancy with the meal. We even pack dessert!

    The trip is an easy 3-4 hour walk to the hut from Waiohine road end (about a half an hour drive from Wellington), with an emphasis on fine dining and top-of-the-range cask wine.  We will meet 8:30am Saturday at the Hunter Carpark and be back in Wellington on Sunday afternoon. Gourmet meals in the past have included pizza, roast chicken, pavlova for dessert (complete with berries and whipped cream), and an assortment of cocktails and cask wine. It's a great social tramp, with the emphasis on having a good time and a good meal.

    It's an awesome trip not to be missed, so come along to the meeting tomorrow to find out more and to sign up!
  • Meetings back at uni this week

    Now that the uni break is over we will have our meetings back on campus in rooms 216/217/218 in the Student Union Building at 7:30pm.


    Come along to find out about and sign up to the day trip to Kapakapanui on Wednesday.


    We are also running bushcraft this weekend, so if you want to learn how to put up a fly/cross a river/use a compass/read a map then come along to the meeting tomorrow to sign up for the trip.

  • Meetings at the Welsh Dragon During Uni Break

    Come along to the Welsh Dragon for a quiet drink (or no drink if you want to save $$) and to sign up for trips during uni holidays. Every Tuesday, from 7:30pm.

    The Welsh is on the median between Kent and Cambridge Terraces, just north of Courtney Place. If you walk in the door and turn right, we're the ones on the couches.

    Meetings will go back to the Student Union Building on 24th April.

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