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  • Taranaki, Mid-Waiohine, and a day trip 15-16 Sept

    Three trips to choose from this weekend:&nbsp; - Therese and Laura are running a trip to Taranaki. Craig should be able to put you in touch with them:. - Mae will be running a day trip&nbsp;looking for snow in the Tararua's probably on Saturday&nbsp;( - Manoel is going in to Mid-Waiohine overnight leaving ...
    Posted to VUWTC News (Weblog) by ginawaibl on September 13, 2012
  • Flatmate wanted for sunny northland flat

    My flat is currently looking for a flatmate if anyone is looking or knows someone who wants a nice sunny flat with a fireplace and loads of firewood for winter. Five flatmates in total. A mix of&nbsp;trampers/climbers, keen mountain bikers,&nbsp;musos,&nbsp;foodies&nbsp;and book worms. $135/week + $15 expenses for small double room (with ...
    Posted to Other (Forum) by ginawaibl on August 19, 2012
  • Mukamukamukamukamuka.. ah ha ha

    Day tripping must have been the thing to do this weekend with 17 fronting up for the day; and 11 out of 12 was not bad for a 7am meeting time for the keen group on a Saturday morning (#13&nbsp;had already&nbsp;pulled out at 2am), and 6 in one car for the easy/mediums led by the very helpful Jason Kenny who took their 9am expedition up Cattle ...
    Posted to Trip Reports (Forum) by ginawaibl on August 19, 2012
  • AIC II/Snow Caving at Ruapehu and Mukamuka Day Trip

    Pleny of action this weekend&nbsp;with an AIC follow up / snow caving trip to the Ruapehu Plateau and a day trip in the Mukamuka. The snow caving trip will be leaving Friday, returning Sunday. You will need some good&nbsp;gear for this one&nbsp;as the weather can change quickly on Ruapehu and it will be cold being&nbsp;above the snow ...
    Posted to VUWTC News (Weblog) by ginawaibl on August 14, 2012
  • Come to the Meeting at Uni this Tuesday to Hear About Mid-Winter Christmas

    Meetings are back at uni, and to kick off the term we have Mid-Winter Christmas and an East Harbour day trip coming up. Mid-winter will&nbsp;leave on Saturday morning, coming back Sunday afternoon. It will be&nbsp;a moderately easy tramp with the key being a celebration of all&nbsp;things&nbsp;Xmas at the hut - complete with Santa &nbsp; Sign up ...
    Posted to VUWTC News (Weblog) by ginawaibl on July 15, 2012
  • Flatmate Wanted for warm Northland Flat

    My flat is currently looking for a flatmate if anyone is looking or knows someone who wants a&nbsp;nice sunny flat with a fireplace and loads of firewood for winter. Two of us are trampers/climbers, and three of us are keen mountain bikers. $135/week + $15 expenses for small double room in a nice modern recently done up house.&nbsp; Check out ...
    Posted to Other (Forum) by ginawaibl on July 8, 2012
  • Re: BANFF Mountain Film Festival 2012

    Kate and I and co will be going to next Tuesday's one (19 June), if anyone wants to meet up with us.
    Posted to Non Club Trips or Activities (Forum) by ginawaibl on June 12, 2012
  • Meetings at the Welsh Dragon Bar During Uni Break

    Come along to the Welsh Dragon for a quiet drink (or no drink if you want to save $$) and to sign up for trips during&nbsp;uni break. Every Tuesday,&nbsp;from&nbsp;7:30pm. The Welsh is on the median between Kent and Cambridge Terraces, just north of Courtney Place. If you walk in the door and turn right, we're the ones on the ...
    Posted to VUWTC News (Weblog) by ginawaibl on June 6, 2012
  • Lots of Good Keen Club Trips Coming Up - Tramping Queens Birthday, Mid-Winter, Alpine Instruction Course and More!!!

    There's a lot happening in the run up to the end of the trimester - and we're nearly half way through the year, so it's time to get out there doing stuff!!! Queens Birthday will be in the Ruahines with a range of trips for everyone - Medium-Easy to Medium-Fit. This is a great trip to do if you're thinking of coming on Mid-Winter, especially if ...
    Posted to VUWTC News (Weblog) by ginawaibl on May 28, 2012
  • Bushball Is Coming – Get Ready for the Biggest Event of the Year!!! May 19th

    Bushball is where we take the ball to the bush. We carry in a generator, sound system and lights, and get dressed up for a night of dancing, drinking and fun. Its in the bush, its big, and almost anything goes. Last year we had trampers, ball dresses, pink shoes, jeans, lots of sparkles, a horse dress, a jester, top hat and tails, and a lovely ...
    Posted to VUWTC News (Weblog) by ginawaibl on May 5, 2012
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