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Cult (Oops I mean Club!) Update!

We've been having a blast since our last update!

Easter Weekend We had several trips over Easter:

-->Southern Crossing A large group of us had a social trip traipsing the 35 km, we had very victorious faces at the end! 

--> Kahurangi National Park in the South Island- a carload headed down and spent afew days adventuring Mt Owen.

--> More Tararuas-  Our Chief Guide Andrew attempted 'an epic' which was not so successful but they did manage the noteworthy success of squeezing seven people into a two person bivvy two nights in a row!

--> Craig headed off CANYONING! If you missed the presentation on canyoning at the meeting last night, check out this video! It pretty much captures the essence of it!!!

Bushcraft was a fantastic weekend! We learnt skills such as navigation, fly erecting (hehe), river crossings, knot tying, bush code of conduct, and safety and risk management. Kieran and Achim were even kind enough to demonstrate the pack-floating technique! 

Kapakapanui last weekend 32 (!) headed up to Kapakapanui in the mist through the goblin forest (best enjoyed in misty conditions) and some induged in a cold beer at the top. Dom the keen one ran the track in 2hours 47 mins! Managed to knock 3 minutes off Achim's record.. Gosh Dom is a great guy.

Three Kings- Achim took a group up to attempt to get up to Three Kings- unfortunately the weather packed it in but a great weekend adventuring was still had by all!

Birthday party mash-up we had about 4 people celebrating their birthdays this last week incuding our President so we threw a huge party and had a super safe brazier fire and some mean times were had by all. The fire definitely wasn't tipped over at any point.

Climbing! We have had to postpone Rockcraft II until next weekend due to the weather- but there's still plenty going on-  Indoor climbing Tuesdays at Vic Uni Gym, and Wednesdays discounted at Fergs Kayaks. Michael our climbing officer and Sacha our publicity officer are possibly heading away to Mangaoweka- an epic climbing area North of Wellington with an overhang meaning you can climb in the rain!

This weekend we have four keen-as-bro groups heading up to the Ruahines despite the weather.. Bring it on!! POWERTHIRST!!


Published Wednesday, April 17, 2013 8:55 PM by Emma Bardsley



achim said:


Move the S three places left and you read POWER T SHIRT !!!

They are black and have awesome mountains on them. Where are they?

Are there any left?

April 17, 2013 9:57 PM

Emma Bardsley said:

There are many left! I believe Craig hoards them (unwillingly)

April 17, 2013 10:04 PM
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