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Climbing and stuff at Whanganui bay this weekend!!

Last post 04-02-2009, 1:36 PM by craig. 3 replies.
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  •  02-02-2009, 3:46 PM 4097

    Climbing and stuff at Whanganui bay this weekend!!

    This weekend coming is a long one!! So we are going to make the most of it and take a trip to Whanganui bay!


    Whanganui bay is an awesome area on the South West end of Lake Taupo.  It is a little bay surrounded by cliffs and has an awesome setting.  It is a really nice area for climbing and if you are not so keen on climbing there are lots of nice area to explore and relax around in.  Of course all of our climbing trips are accompanied by a suitable level of drinking, general madness and heaps of fun.


    Skill level


    The weekend is aimed at everyone from those who don’t want to climb and just enjoy the sun.  To those who want to give it a try on some easy grades.  To those who want to go hardcore all weekend.  There is lots of stuff a Whangani bay.


    The plan


    We are planning on leaving Thursday night and driving up to stay somewhere.  We will be looking at spending a couple of days at Whanganui bay and 1 day at Mangatapopo.  So there is the chance for those who don’t want to climb at Mangatapopo to do a Tongario day trip.  We will be returning on Sunday night.  I will post a more specific plan later


    If you are keen, send me an email or come along to our meeting tomorrow to talk about it and sign up - Craig



  •  02-02-2009, 8:19 PM 4099 in reply to 4097

    Re: Climbing and stuff at Whanganui bay this weekend!!

    Also if you're only interested in going for a couple of nights I may be heading up on Thursday and back either Saturday night or early Sunday.

  •  03-02-2009, 10:50 PM 4102 in reply to 4099

    Re: Climbing and stuff at Whanganui bay this weekend!!

    I'm interested in going along. Sorry I missed the meeting tonight, got a bit distracted by trivia at Murphy's. But will probably be at Ferg's tomorrow to climb if anyone else is there.


    021 616 293

  •  04-02-2009, 1:36 PM 4105 in reply to 4102

    Re: Climbing and stuff at Whanganui bay this weekend!!

    Ok Guys, here is the current very draft plan for the weekend.  I am just getting some info out there and will get something more finalised out later.  It looks like it will be a really fun weekend




    • Head off on Thursday night (looking at meeting up around 6:30pm to be after the long weekend traffic surge)
    • Do shopping on the way in car groups
    • Camp along the way (Bruce shelter Bottom of the Bruce road)
    • Climb Friday when we are not drinking
    • Climb Saturday when we are not drinking
    • Consider heading to Magatapopo for some climbing on Sunday otherwise stay at the bay
    • Come home Sunday night





    Group 1


    Craig (car)

    Kate (car)





    Group 2


    Plan is to come up Thursday night and head back for Friday night


    Tim (Car)

    Flatmate 1

    Flatmate 2


    Group 3


    Plan it to head up Thursday night and head back for Saturday afternoon


    Bruce (Car)


    Gemma L?





    Other floating people who may or may not come







    Other stuff


    I will round up some climbing gear and tents but could people let me know if they have gear and what they have and if they have a tent.  Let me know if there any other issues which I haven’t covered.  If anyone else wants to come let me know, it is not too late.



    Craig Scott

    021 04 00 989

    04 971 0989


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