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Suggested Food for a Weekend Trip

These are ideas only, this is not a definitive list.

As weekend trips are usually only for two days, it makes sense to carry fresh food. Plastic containers from chemists make excellent watertight containers for butter, herbs, spreads, etc...

On Friday nights we usually have takeaways.


Breakfast (2) Muesli, porridge, sandwiches, rice and raisins, potato and cheese.
Lunch (2) Bread, cheese, salami, biscuits, buns, fruit.
Dinner (1) Pot luck stew materials, meat, veges, spuds, macaroni cheese, spaghetti bolognaise, rice dishes. You will be asked to bring along particular dinner food items by your trip leader.
Snacks (lots) Chocolate, sweets, nuts and raisins, raro, brew materials (tea/coffee/milo, milk powder, sugar).

On week long trips you will have the same sort of meals, but with dehydrated ingredients.

Food Quantities
100 grams (dry weight) per person per meal of the staple carbohydrate is the approximate guide (eg. dried potato, pasta, rice, bread).
Add to this quantities of butter, cheese, salami, fish, veges, bacon, snacks, and desserts and this will substantially increase the dry weight per person to somewhere around 800-1000 grams per day.

Emergency Food
It is a good idea to carry and extra ration of food that does not require cooking in case you are delayed e.g. biscuits, chocolates, etc.


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